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When you join TRUE Dads, you are instantly welcomed into the family.

The TRUE Dads team is here to support you. Everyone on the team wants you to have healthy relationships with the people in your life. We want you to make more money for your family and to reach your goals.

Our TRUE Dads team is here for you!

Portrait of Patrick Marc-Charles

Patrick Marc-Charles

Program Director

Portrait of Kwame Wiafe

Kwame Wiafe

Fatherhood/Employment Coach Manager

Portrait of Cori Golden

Cori Golden

Fatherhood/Employment Coach

Portrait of Bryan Poyhonen

Bryan Poyhonen

Fatherhood/Employment Coach

Portrait of Kandis Roby

Kandis Roby

Administrative Specialist

Portrait of Ernest Odunze

Ernest Odunze


Portrait of Susan Bradley

Susan Bradley


Portrait of Gerald Scott

Gerald Scott


Portrait of Andre Washington

Andre Washington


Portrait of Dave Wattenbarger

Dave Wattenbarger


Portrait of Jeanetta Lovett

Jeanetta Lovett


Portrait of Dan Grimes

Dan Grimes


Portrait of Brittni Ware

Brittni Ware