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Be the dad
you were meant to be

When you join TRUE Dads, you’ll learn how to work better together and be there for your kids.

During your weekly workshops, you’ll enjoy a free meal,
meet and hear from other families and learn how to:


stronger relationships


information that you
can’t get anywhere else


support from experts
and other parents
who understand


skills to find, get and
keep a good job

We’ve Got Even More

You’ll also get access to bonus opportunities while you’re here. From learning how to write a great resume to hearing all about your rights as a parent, we’ll cover all the ins and outs of parenthood.

Move From a Job to a Career

Our partner program, Work Ready Oklahoma, will help you gain the skills to find, get and keep a good job through resume building, job search and more.

Find the Information You Need

In our Family Law Workshop, we’ll help you understand your rights as parents and give you resources to help you make informed decisions for your family.

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“Through this program, I’ve become a better parent and a better me.”

— TRUE Dads Participant