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You Matter

Set expectations and learn the importance of your roles as dad and co-parent

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Dads play a critical role
in child development.
Find out how the Three
Keys can help you
improve your co-parent
relationships and
communication skills.

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Effective Parenting & Self-Sufficiency

Determine your parenting style and decide how you can approach family management issues

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Prepare your child to become a healthy adult by determining your parenting style and find ways to
assist them in engaging
in healthy activities.

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Healthy Relationships & Marriage

Make it safe for your child to connect with you through useful communication techniques

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Good communication
tools, like
the Speaker-Listener Technique, promote
child development and
also help parents with personal growth.

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Dealing with
Personal Challenges

Be aware of your own challenges so you can better show up for your kids

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Anxiety, depression and stress can be part of being
a parent. Learn the brain science behind it all to develop a healthy awareness of your and
your child’s limits.

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You & Your Child

Break down barriers by understanding the developmental stages of your child

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Explore the ages and stages of your child’s progress so you can support developmental learning, while also promoting your own personal growth.

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Safe & Sound

Dive into the importance of building a strong relationship with your child

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Feeling secure in their relationship with you helps your child deal with tough situations and improves their social skills and emotional development.

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Teamwork, Parenting,
& Employment

Find out what it takes to work as a team
and seek out job opportunities

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Teamwork makes the dream work! Parenting as a unit gives everyone room to grow—and many of those same communication and relationship skills can also help you succeed at work.

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Circles of Support

Discover the ways
our loved ones affect the quality of
our relationships

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Support comes in many shapes and sizes. Find out how friends and family can lend a hand, while also setting boundaries and maintaining relationships.